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Running a business can feel like a rollercoaster of excitement + hustle + doubt, with a drop of fear (and a mountain of passion), but ACTION is the clear path to success – so let’s start here…

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You Are The Healer

Join Libby & Dane as they go deeper into tapping into and unlocking your unique gifts as a healer inside

You Are The Healer.

Abundancefest 2023

Join Libby as she guides you into levels of Abundance you never knew were possible inside


Make Your Next $100k

Access the free masterclass to help give you the tools you need to receive $100k in your online business inside

Make Your Next $100k

The 6 Part Strategy To Take Your Service Based Business to 6-Figures

Download my FREE 6 Part Strategy PDF to help you make 6-figures in your business Service-Based Business.

The Money Meditation

Download my FREE specially channelled Meditation for you to unlock and receive greater levels of Money Manifestation in your life

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Elevate Your Money State

The easy access audio series to help you elevate your Money beliefs, complete with audio meditations and journal prompts giving you all the tools you need to

Elevate Your Money State

Money Makeover

The 8 Module Money Mindset program to help you completely dissolve any previous money beliefs, and help you cultivate rock solid Money Foundations inside

Money Makeover

The Mindset Collective

The powerful 5 module deep dive into Mindset and Manifestation upgrades to help you align to greater success in your life, business and relationships inside

The Mindset Collective

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you can have it all!

Femmepreneur is the 16 week business coaching container to give you the full coaching experience to help take your business from $0 – $10k months.

Perfect for female online entrepreneurs, coaches and business owners, Femmepreneur gives you deep dive access to 6 specifically tailored modules ranging from Strategy, to Mindset to Energetics, and gives you complete access to all areas of business.

PLUS, you get access to online workshops, additional tech & marketing calls, and private group voxer access to really give you everything you need to elevate your business to the next level!

"Working with Libby has launched me into my multidimensional existence. Her work is not for the faint hearted. As a matter of fact, she takes you through all the work to step into a deeply heart led mission. Her value has been priceless. I feel endlessly grateful to have stepped forward into a new life, knowing I can never go back!"
Meg Lou
Sacred Pleasure COach, Canada

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the diamond experience

Our Diamond Experience private coaching packages are the fastest way to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, without the hassle, hustle and struggle of trying to do it alone.

Because you’re here, my guess is you’ve got a wild dream. A vision in your heart that only you can see. A desire for an extraordinary life, and better humanity.

You feel the magnitude of possibility within you and feel the fire of the universe rippling through your soul, reminding you of the MAGNIFICENCE that awaits you when you say yes to your dreams, to your highest soul purpose, to the very reason you’re here in this planet… and you’re ready to experience the abundance, deep happiness, success and freedom that goes with it.

The Diamond Experience is by APPLICATION ONLY, so if you’re ready for more depth, more abundance and more support than you ever knew was possible – click the link below to send me an email to apply!

"It was such an amazing experience. When I joined, I actually didn't know why I was joining, I just knew I had to be there! When I started, my money stuff was not good! I didn't wanna look at my finances, I was still in scarcity and not knowing my value and my worth on how much I could charge - and ALL of that has shifted, I feel REALLY good with my relationship with money now!​Everyone I speak to now has been like 'HOW were you able to make so many changes so fast?' And I know it was because I was in this container with Libby!"
ankhara rose

how to unmess your life

A Book by Libby Robertson

When her life as an alcoholic party girl came to a smashing climax… on the concrete, flat on her back, from two stories up… She heard an inner voice whisper, ‘live, or die?’

That was the moment Libby was given a second chance at life and decided to re-build it, one day at a time.

Libby is now on a mission to empower millions of people around the world to make positive, sustainable changes in their lives, families, businesses, and communities so we can each live our happiest, healthiest, wealthiest lives and make future generations proud.

In this book, you will be taken on a behind-the-scenes journey of what it truly takes to UnMess Your Life and be given the tools and framework to heal whatever is holding you back from true happiness, living with purpose, and creating your most magnificent life.

Together we heal, together we rise, together we co-create a new earth.

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Every morning when we wake up we are granted a new opportunity to be the best versions of ourselves. I am excited to see you grab life by the horns and start living the life you deserve!

– Libby Robertson