Don’t just take my word for it though – hear from some of my past clients and students on how powerful the space is that we create between you and I!

Hear directly from some of my past clients

Ankhara R


Stew D


Corrie T

New Zealand

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Steph L

New Zealand

Lisa L

New Zealand

"From the get-go, Libby could not only see the vision for my Healing Birth work,, she genuinely seemed as excited as I was for the potential the business has. Working with her honestly felt as though I had someone alongside me who was as invested in the success of my business as I was. She was my ultimate cheerleader, celebrating my successes along the way, and a gentle guide who was able to hold me to account in a direct but nurturing way. Thank you Libby for your wonderful work, your generous support, and your loving guidance. You are Magic!"
Carla Sargent
healing birth practitioner, nz

What they're also saying...

She found all of the parts of me to reorder and shine brighter than I thought possible. Her techniques and way of being are a rare gift. As a guide for my lost soul to take a journey through some really rough terrain, Libby is sure footed, providing confidence to follow and feel safe, every step of the way
Karen Kerrisk
Owner of Mind Skills Mastery
Libby is the most impactful coach I have ever worked with. She is such a grounding and consistent cheerleader, who bases everything in love. She has helped me to break through MASSIVE pain and fears in the most supportive way, where I always feel fully supported and held
Monica Ferguson
Coach & Photographer
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Libby on a number of occasions now. Libby is the epitome of a safe container - and this is a reflection of the courage she has had to do the deep inner work herself. Libby is the real deal.
Britt Earl
Founder of Joblist NZ
he uplifts and empowers you every step of the way. Libby has this way about her were she can engage you with her fun, light energy but then can drop some epic truth bombs in for you to really start working through your shadows. I really look forward to working with Libby again in the future.
Catherine Lees

‘Wow, this is all working – it’s really working!’. 

This is SO amazing! I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time and my husband just a few moments ago said ‘Wow, this is all working – it’s really working!’. Don’t hold back, jump in and just DO IT, you can’t possibly regret it!

Katie O

‘Since joining Femmepreneur I have had big shifts in my mindset around my business and personally. ‘

Since joining Femmepreneur I have had big shifts in my mindset around my business and personally. 

One big block for me was around social media as this was a scary place to step into for me. Changing my mindset around using social media from a business perspective has allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident showing up  in this space. And I have a more clear direction on how to use social media for business now.

Jade B

‘I have gained so much clarity within myself, unlocked different layers and magic within our business and systems and processes

Libby simplifies everything so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming! I would recommend Libby to absolutely anyone who has a holistic-heart-soul-centred business! Actually everyone needs a Libby in their cheer team!

Lyza H

‘After implementing steps
recommended by Libby in my marketing I noticed an increase in interest and sales!!’

I have taken

numerous programmes and enjoyed 1-1 sessions that continue to impact me and bring value. I have uplevelled my mindset, energetic practise, set up numerous businesses that are successful and still operating AND landed opportunities I could only dream of. Thanks Libby! You are an angel who walks
upon the Earth!

Aletheia W

"Working with Libby has launched me into my multidimensional existence. Her work is not for the faint hearted. As a matter of fact, she takes you through all the work to step into a deeply heart led mission. Her value has been priceless. I feel endlessly grateful to have stepped forward into a new life, knowing I can never go back!"
Meg Lou
Sacred Pleasure COach, Canada

how to unmess your life

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That was the moment Libby was given a second chance at life and decided to re-build it, one day at a time.

Libby is now on a mission to empower millions of people around the world to make positive, sustainable changes in their lives, families, businesses, and communities so we can each live our happiest, healthiest, wealthiest lives and make future generations proud.

In this book, you will be taken on a behind-the-scenes journey of what it truly takes to UnMess Your Life and be given the tools and framework to heal whatever is holding you back from true happiness, living with purpose, and creating your most magnificent life.

Together we heal, together we rise, together we co-create a new earth.

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