I'm looking for a powerful group of BUSINESS QUEENS who are ready to start and scale their business from $0 to $10k months with EASE!

Hey Queen!

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re already half way there – half way to making your dreams a reality!

Whether you’re just starting out in the Online Coaching and Entrepreneur space, or you’ve been doing it for a while but just not seeing the results you know you’re ready for,  I’m here to show you that it’s not some complex puzzle – it gets to be simple, easy and with FLOW!

So I’m calling for a powerful group of Business Queens to join me inside the next round of FEMMEPRENEUR to create a Whole New Way of business!

Let’s, freaking, GO!!

Libby x

Imagine how it would feel...

In 6 months, your business, your brand and your LIFE could be somewhere completely unrecognisable to where it is today.

You’re generating the type of income you only saw other people bring in online.

You’re living the life that you see so many other people living, and that you never even thought was possible for you.

And what’s even better, is that you did it YOUR way, and in complete alignment with your own beliefs, your own energy and your own message.

Because over the next 16 weeks, you decided to join me and a group of other trail-blazing, soul-led female entrepreneurs on a journey where I show you absolutely EVERYTHING it takes to live what you’ve only ever dreamed about, and using your business as a vehicle to create massive positive change in this world.

Welcome to the only business container which helps female entrepreneurs receive access to the top-tier advanced strategies to help you execute and become a full-time, high-powered…


I'm going to walk you through absolutely everything you need!

In the early stages of your online coaching business – whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the game for a year or two – you’re going to come up against a WHOOOLE lot of obstacles: overwhelm; imposter syndrome; pricing; selling; all the website, techy stuff (that no one really likes doing!) – the list goes on!

Inside FEMMEPRENEUR, I’m going to give you all of the ADVANCED tips and techniques that no one tells you about, whether you’re just starting or have been in the game for a year or 3 – to help you scale to 5 figure months and beyond!

And the best part – I’m going to make it as easy, and as simple as possible – so you can do what you absolutely LOVE the most…




I believe that Business is a vehicle for collective change in the world.

And with Heart-Centred Visionaries like YOU leading the way, I know we’re in the right hands.

Which is why I believe in you, your power and your vision – and why I know you’re a perfect fit for Femmepreneur!

And I believe that any successful business has mastered what I call…


The Mindset – The way you show up when it gets hard, when challenges arise, and when you just wanna say ‘F*ck this, I’m out!’

  The Strategy – I’m all about aligned strategy because what worked for someone else, won’t always work for you – and having a healthy dose of the Strategy will help you go even further!

The Energetics – your ability to HOLD everything, to TRUST that it’s on it’s way, and the SPACE you create to allow the divine insights and ideas to FLOW.

These are the 3 Pillars of 


This Is What 16 weeks Inside
Femmepreneur Looks Like

Sacred Strategy

How to craft your message

Launch your first product

Foundations of a successful brand

Visibility & Pricing

Website & Systems

VALUE - $997

elevated mindset

Overcoming Self Doubt

Your Value & Owning It

The Abundance Mind Equation

Your 5 Year Vision

Overcoming Fear

VALUE - $997

energetic elevation

Quantum Wealth Activations

The Frequency of Wealth

Alignment to your Big Vision

Quantum Leaping

Rich Bitch Rituals

VALUE - $997

soulful sales

The Art of High Ticket Sales

High Conversion Techniques

The Sales Eco System

Integral Sales

Personal vs Impersonal Selling

VALUE - $997

enhanced energetics

Your Grounded Business Model

 Prolonged Productivity

Working With Your Cycles


Levels of Tolerance

VALUE - $997

accelerated visibility

How To Become Unmissable

Your Magnetic Presence

Unlocking The Goddess Within

Platforms & Focus

Big Fish, Small Fish

VALUE - $997

high power structure & flow

6 x Sessions per Module

Bi-Weekly Workshops

Bi-Weekly Hot Seat Coaching with Libby

Downloadable App

Exclusive Monthly Membership (Minimum 6 months commitment)

+ all the bonuses!!

When you join FEMMEPRENEUR TODAY, I’m gonna give you access to allll of the bonuses!!


5 Figure months
As a spiritual entrepreneur

When you sign up for FEMMEPRENEUR today, I'm going to give you access to my high power 5 Figure Months as a Spiritual Entrepreneur 5 Module Program! By the end of this program, you'll have all of the knowledge and tools to create consistent 5-figure months as a Spiritual Entrepreneur!

VALUE - $1,497

The mindset collective

Are you ready to SERIOUSLY uplevel your Mindset and Manifestations in ways that'll amplify your business? When you join Femmepreneur, you'll also receive access to the 5 Part Program - The Mindset Collective to help you get a rock-solid foundation for your mindset so you're able to work through anything that life and business throw your way!

VALUE - $1,497

The C.E.O Series - 3 Day Masterseries

Inside this powerful 3 Day MasterSeries, you'll receive access to every single piece of information to help you make $5,000 in 30 days using a range of my advanced methods, formulas and teaching to help you gain Expert Clarity, to Rapidly Expand,, and create Greater Optimisation in your business!

VALUE - $997

Elevate Your money state

Are you ready to calibrate your energetic frequency to match thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars? You'll also receive access to my high-power 5D Galactic Meditation Sequence specifically designed to help you energetically open up the channels to receive more money!

VALUE - $197

The Complete start-up checklist

Total checklist of everything required to set up, start & grow your online business to consistent $5K+ months
VALUE = $497

Money Mindset Mini Training

Quantum Leap Your Goals Money Mindset Mini Training
VALUE = $97

50+ Social Media Templates

Write “SEND ME THE LINK” content using the 50+ Social Media Templates you get inside Femmepreneur
VALUE = $197

6 Figure Finance Tracker

MY 6 Figure Finance Tracker Template so you can run your business like a boss
VALUE = $497

Canva Mini Training

How to Elevate Your Branding Using Canva Mini Training
VALUE = $97

+ you'll also get my

Sexy sales page template to convert visitors into customers so you can wake up to new sales


‘YES I’M IN’ sales call scripts so you never lose a potential client over not knowing what to say or how to sell again


‘Sell via the DMs’ templates so you can sign clients straight from your DMs without even hopping on a call and make money every day


“If that’s what you’re giving for free, tell me how I can pay you” masterclass template that’ll turn your audience into loyal fans and raving customers

TOTAL VALUE - $11,555

This is the most in depth and comprehensive business coaching PROGRAM to help you go from $0 to consistent $10k months!

I don’t believe in overselling anything – I try to make it as realistic as possible for you to create the Energetic and Strategic structures to help you get to wherever it is you need to go! Which is why I created…


Because I know that there is SO much potential within you which is just waiting for the right guidance to help you reach the thousands, if not millions of people that you’re destined to reach. And I know what it takes to get to having consistent cash-flow in your business. Over the last 3 and a half years I’ve done it with not only 1, but 2 businesses and we’re already in the plans to do it with our third.

So this is what you will receive inside Femmepreneur: 6 x High Powered, High Touch Group Modules (programs) designed to help you work on and through the Strategy, Mindset and Energetics on bringing in consistent $10k months.

Bi-Weekly Workshops to help you anchor in and implement the learnings from each coaching call.

Monthly hot-seat group coaching calls,

And all of the replays and course materials available on a Downloadable APP (The Members Lounge).

don't just take our word for it...

Hear from some of our previous and current clients!

Ankhara R


Lisa L

New Zealand

Anna P


Corrie T

New Zealand

Steph L

New Zealand

the femmepreneur guarantee

I am so passionate about helping you – and believe in the power of this work so much that if you don’t make your money back within the time we work together inside Femmepreneur, we’re going to keep working together FOR FREE until you do!

are you ready to join


Sign up now to join us and get started right away inside Femmepreneur!

All prices below include GST


6 x Training Modules

13+ Additional Bonuses

Bi-Weekly Hot-Seat Coaching with Libby

Bi-Weekly Business Expansion Workshops

Free Onboarding & Integration Calls

Powerful group support for Strategy, Mindset & Energetics 

6 Month Minimum

Pay In Full To Receive 1 Month Free!

NZD $497


What they're saying already...

‘Wow, this is all working – it’s really working!’. 

This is SO amazing! I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time and my husband just a few moments ago said ‘Wow, this is all working – it’s really working!’. Don’t hold back, jump in and just DO IT, you can’t possibly regret it!

Katie O

‘Since joining Femmepreneur I have had big shifts in my mindset around my business and personally. ‘

Since joining Femmepreneur I have had big shifts in my mindset around my business and personally. 

One big block for me was around social media as this was a scary place to step into for me. Changing my mindset around using social media from a business perspective has allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident showing up  in this space. And I have a more clear direction on how to use social media for business now.

Jade B

‘I have gained so much clarity within myself, unlocked different layers and magic within our business and systems and processes

Libby simplifies everything so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming! I would recommend Libby to absolutely anyone who has a holistic-heart-soul-centred business! Actually everyone needs a Libby in their cheer team!

Lyza H

‘After implementing steps
recommended by Libby in my marketing I noticed an increase in interest and sales!!’

I have taken

numerous programmes and enjoyed 1-1 sessions that continue to impact me and bring value. I have uplevelled my mindset, energetic practise, set up numerous businesses that are successful and still operating AND landed opportunities I could only dream of. Thanks Libby! You are an angel who walks
upon the Earth!

Aletheia W

what they're also saying...


There is a minimum commitment of 6 months inside this business container, with each individual Module containing 6 modules each. Each individual Module will be focusing on very specific aspects of growing your business to consistent $10k months, such as the Strategy, the Mindset and the Energetics – 3 equally important aspects of any growing business! 

There are 3 Modules focused toward Strategy, 2 toward the Energetics, and 1 on the Mindset. Each program will cover the various different aspects within each of these Philosophies, and be specifically catered to growing and scaling to the $10k mark.

Absolutely nothing! You will just need access to ZOOM for the live calls, and Telegram for the group chats.

Each Module is scheduled to be delivered over the course throughout the year along with the BONUS content and modules!!

We recommend you spend around 5 – 10 hours per week on both joining the LIVE calls, coaching sessions & workshops, as well as implementation of the strategies/practices into your own business.

We don’t like to say that ‘This is a massive 30 x ROI’, that’s not how we roll. However, my expectation for you is that, with the implementation of all of these structures, frameworks, strategies and showing up consistently in your business (that is one of the BIGGEST keys!), that you should have at least tripled your ROI over the course of the 16 weeks. I want you to build the structures to help create consistent $10k months, and I STRONGLY believe that everything you learn inside this container will help you do that!

If you haven’t made your money back after the 6 months, then you may be eligible to continue working together until you have – for free!! Check out the Terms & Conditions for all of the deets!