Hey beautiful, I'm so glad you're here.

You were born to make 
a difference in the world.

and if you’re here now, it’s because you’re ready for more. 

Over the last several years you’ve undergone a huge transformation. Who you were then and who you are now are so totally different, and now you want to share what you’ve learned, with the world.

You have such a powerful story. Your mess has become your message, and it’ s now your testimony of what’s possible. 

No more playing small. No more wondering what if it doesn’t work. 

Because, what if it works better than expected.

You’re ready to go all in on your soul-aligned business, help as many people as possible and make a prosperous living doing what you love.

You’re ready to turn your business dreams

into your inevitable reality. 

Welcome, you’re in the right place and I can’t wait to help you soar,

Libby x


where passion meets profit, and purpose fuels success. 


Our exclusive online programme is designed for women like you, ready to step into their true calling and create a thriving business from the heart. 

You’re taking steps forward to bring your mission and vision to life, but you’ve got so many questions...

Questions that if you just knew exactly what to do it, it would be so much easier and you’d get the results you want so much faster.

You want to know:

  • How to price your work so that it feels good for you and good for the people buying

  • How to sell your work with ease so that people know they want it

  • How to create irresistible offers that your soulmate clients effortlessly pay for and get amazing results

  • What and where to post so you reach the right people

  • How to build an engaged audience who become raving fans and loyal customers

  • If a website is needed and what’s important to bring in clients

  • How to get behind a higher price point and feel confident charging more for your souls work

  • How to show up in your power regardless what friends, family and strangers on the internet think

  • How to make a really good income doing what you love

You want someone to show you *exactly* what to do,
and for it to be easy

You’ve got an insatiable desire to make a positive difference in the world and to make a living doing what you love, you’re ready to make it happen and are willing to dive straight in, get insane results and see the success you’re wanting in your soul aligned business

This is *exactly* why Femmepreneur was created and exactly what you’ll learn.

Because like you, I used to feel exactly the same.

And promised myself that when I figured it all out, I’d be the person I wished I’d had at the start of my journey and help as many soul led humans as possible make a living doing their purpose work.

Femmepreneur is a 6 month mentorship and community for heart led entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

Inside, you’ll be part of the best community of likeminded spiritual entrepreneurs
as I teach you step by step exactly what to do to make a really good living doing your souls work,

I’m with you each step of the way to answer all of your questions and give you expert feedback,

So that you prosper, doing what you love.

Mindset – The way you show up when it gets hard, when challenges arise, and when limiting beliefs want to hold you back will determine your success.


Strategy – in Femmepreneur we are all about *aligned* strategy because what worked for someone else, won’t always work for you – having expert guidance to show you exactly what to do, will help you go further, faster

Energetics – your ability to expand energetically as your business grows, while you hold the bigger picture vision *and* show up each step of the waym will allow you to manifest the business of your dreams and become and abundance and soulmate client magnet.

you’ll be supported in all 3 areas inside


Get results, with soul

Femmepreneur GIVES YOU personalized support and guidance to help you grow your business in your ideal waY, AROUND YOUR IDEAL LIFESTYLE AND with confidence and clarity.

inside, you’ll learn

Sacred Strategy

You’ll learn how to craft your message that grows your audience with people ready to buy; create, price and sell your coaching and healing packages; and set up the right systems so you can start to effortlessly sign soulmate clients on repeat.

VALUE - $997

Success Mindset

Every successful entrepreneur puts their results down to 80% mindset, 20% strategy. In Femmepreneur you’ll overcome doubt, fears and limiting beliefs holding you back from showing up online in powerful ways and stepping into your next level of success. 

VALUE - $997

Money and Abundance

Learn how to back yourself and feel confident with the prices you charge, heal emotional and subconscious blocks around finances, and learn to run your business like a boss, so that you live in abundance, make profit, and do more of what you love. 

VALUE - $997

soulful sales & magnetic marketing

You’ll learn heart-led techniques to attract, convert and keep soulmate clients buying from you over and over again. You’ll learn to sell high ticket and how to position yourself as the ‘go to’ in your field, so you make a really good living, doing what you love. 

VALUE - $997

enhanced energetics

Unlock your next level of visibility and magnetism so you stand out from the crowd and become unmissable. We know that as soul-aligned leaders, success is created from the inside out. You’ll be supported to get crystal clear on your direction, mission, and to create a brand and business that is true to your soul. 

VALUE - $997

Feminine business methods

In Femmepreneur you’ll learn how to set up your business for optimum results based on your monthly cycles and seasons. Everyone has different goals of how they want to do business and what kind of lifestyle they want to live. You’ll be supported to design your dream business based on your dream lifestyle and schedule. 

VALUE - $997


you receive:


Each week you get step by step training on exactly what actions to take to grow your business, sign clients, sell your offers and make money using our proven methods and formulas for heart-led entrepreneurs.

You get:

6 Calls per month with Trainings + Hotseat Coaching + Bonuses all hosted Live to ensure you achieve your goals

Access to hours of additional content, training and curriculum to support you with all your business needs and goals.


I’ll be with you each step of the way for any question you have and to get expert feedback, advice and coaching. 

You’ll be given the blueprint to create a successful purpose-driven business that makes you a good living doing what you love

You get:

Group Telegram Chat to ask any question as you go through the day to day of business and receive real time coaching from Libby


Personalized Strategy  

1-1 onboarding call

Downloadable App


Business can feel lonely. In Femmepreneur, we change that. Interactive workshops, calls and group support allow you to connect with others in the group, brainstorm, share ideas and inspiration and connect with other heart-led entrepreneurs all over the world.

You get:


6 or 12 months mentorship and access to the hottest community for spiritual entrepreneurs online 


 Chance to connect and be in an environment with others on the same journey to be inspired and meet your new biz besties

pay in full bonuses

When you pay in full you get access to these bonuses


Rich coach (5 Figure months
As a spiritual entrepreneur)

When you sign up for FEMMEPRENEUR today, I'm going to give you access to my high power 5 Figure Months as a Spiritual Entrepreneur 5 Module Program! By the end of this program, you'll have all of the knowledge and tools to create consistent 5-figure months as a Spiritual Entrepreneur!

VALUE - $1,497

The mindset collective

Are you ready to SERIOUSLY uplevel your Mindset and Manifestations in ways that'll amplify your business? When you join Femmepreneur, you'll also receive access to the 5 Part Program - The Mindset Collective to help you get a rock-solid foundation for your mindset so you're able to work through anything that life and business throw your way!

VALUE - $1,497

The C.E.O Series - 3 Day Masterseries

Inside this powerful 3 Day MasterSeries, you'll receive access to every single piece of information to help you make $5,000 in 30 days using a range of my advanced methods, formulas and teaching to help you gain Expert Clarity, to Rapidly Expand,, and create Greater Optimisation in your business!

VALUE - $997

Elevate Your money state

Are you ready to calibrate your energetic frequency to match thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars? You'll also receive access to my high-power 5D Galactic Meditation Sequence specifically designed to help you energetically open up the channels to receive more money!

VALUE - $197

get these bonuses when you join today

The Complete start-up checklist

Total checklist of everything required to set up, start & grow your online business to consistent $5K+ months
VALUE = $497

Money Mindset Mini Training

Quantum Leap Your Goals Money Mindset Mini Training
VALUE = $97

50+ Social Media Templates

Write “SEND ME THE LINK” content using the 50+ Social Media Templates you get inside Femmepreneur
VALUE = $197

6 Figure Finance Tracker

MY 6 Figure Finance Tracker Template so you can run your business like a boss
VALUE = $497

Canva Mini Training

How to Elevate Your Branding Using Canva Mini Training
VALUE = $97

+ you'll also get my

Sexy sales page template to convert visitors into customers so you can wake up to new sales


‘YES I’M IN’ sales call scripts so you never lose a potential client over not knowing what to say or how to sell again


‘Sell via the DMs’ templates so you can sign clients straight from your DMs without even hopping on a call and make money every day


“If that’s what you’re giving for free, tell me how I can pay you” masterclass template that’ll turn your audience into loyal fans and raving customers

TOTAL VALUE - $11,555

This is the most in depth and comprehensive business coaching PROGRAM for service based entrepreneurs doing less than $3k per month who want to soar

don't just take our word for it...

Hear from some of our previous and current clients!

Ankhara R


Lisa L

New Zealand

Anna P


Corrie T

New Zealand

Steph L

New Zealand

the femmepreneur guarantee

I am so passionate about helping you – and believe in the power of this work so much that if you don’t make your money back within the time we work together inside Femmepreneur, we’re going to keep working together FOR FREE until you do! Terms and conditions apply. 

choose your preferred option and i'll see you inside


Join now and get started straight away

All prices below are in USD and inclusive of tax


30+ Live Trainings and Coaching Calls

13+ Additional Bonuses

1:1 Onboarding Call

 Personalized Strategy

Step by step guidance and support

 Group Messaging support for any question between calls

Pay In Full Bonuses

USD $1997


60+ Live Trainings and Coaching Calls

 13+ Additional Bonuses

 1:1 Onboarding Call

 Personalized Strategy

 Step by step guidance and support

 Group Messaging support for any question between calls

 Pay In Full Bonuses

USD $2997


Weekly Live Trainings and Coaching Calls

 13+ Additional Bonuses

 1:1 Onboarding Call

 Personalized Strategy

 Step by step guidance and support

 Group Messaging support for any question between calls

6 Month Minimum

USD $333


What they're saying already...

‘Wow, this is all working – it’s really working!’. 

This is SO amazing! I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time and my husband just a few moments ago said ‘Wow, this is all working – it’s really working!’. Don’t hold back, jump in and just DO IT, you can’t possibly regret it!

Katie O

‘Since joining Femmepreneur I have had big shifts in my mindset around my business and personally. ‘

Since joining Femmepreneur I have had big shifts in my mindset around my business and personally. 

One big block for me was around social media as this was a scary place to step into for me. Changing my mindset around using social media from a business perspective has allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident showing up  in this space. And I have a more clear direction on how to use social media for business now.

Jade B

‘I have gained so much clarity within myself, unlocked different layers and magic within our business and systems and processes

Libby simplifies everything so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming! I would recommend Libby to absolutely anyone who has a holistic-heart-soul-centred business! Actually everyone needs a Libby in their cheer team!

Lyza H

‘After implementing steps
recommended by Libby in my marketing I noticed an increase in interest and sales!!’

I have taken

numerous programmes and enjoyed 1-1 sessions that continue to impact me and bring value. I have uplevelled my mindset, energetic practise, set up numerous businesses that are successful and still operating AND landed opportunities I could only dream of. Thanks Libby! You are an angel who walks
upon the Earth!

Aletheia W

what they're also saying...


There is a minimum commitment of 6 months inside this business container, with each individual Module containing 6 modules each. Each individual Module will be focusing on very specific aspects of growing your business to consistent $10k months, such as the Strategy, the Mindset and the Energetics – 3 equally important aspects of any growing business! 

There are 3 Modules focused toward Strategy, 2 toward the Energetics, and 1 on the Mindset. Each program will cover the various different aspects within each of these Philosophies, and be specifically catered to growing and scaling to the $10k mark.

Absolutely nothing! You will just need access to ZOOM for the live calls, and Telegram for the group chats.

Each Module is scheduled to be delivered over the course throughout the year along with the BONUS content and modules!!

We recommend you spend around 5 – 10 hours per week on both joining the LIVE calls, coaching sessions & workshops, as well as implementation of the strategies/practices into your own business.

We don’t like to say that ‘This is a massive 30 x ROI’, that’s not how we roll. However, my expectation for you is that, with the implementation of all of these structures, frameworks, strategies and showing up consistently in your business and doing the work we teach, that you should have at least tripled your ROI over the course of the 6 months. This program is designed to take you to doing between 50k and 80k per year, with the one investment. While it’s never guaranteed, when you show up and do the work there’s room for a pretty fair ROI in our books.. I want you to build the structures to help create consistent results in your business, and I strongly believe that everything you learn inside this container will help you do that.

If you haven’t made the amount you invested into Femmepreneur back in terms of money generated inside your business after your initial time in Femmepreneur, then you may be eligible to continue working together until you have – for free. 

Terms and conditions apply.