I just want you to know – that I believe in you and your vision!

No matter how big or small, no matter what your friends and family are saying.

I believe in YOU.

Which is why I think we should connect!

If you have a dream, a vision, a desire, a business that you want to bring to life – or even if you’re ready to take things to a whole other level – then click the link below (it’s a black button) to connect directly to my Calendly and book in a FREE 15 Minute, No Obligation Consult call! Because together, you and I are going to create…

. . . A Whole New Way


I created Parradiigm when I was observing the world in the state it’s currently in, and I envisioned a Whole New Way of doing things – from business, to coaching, to life and to wealth. Parradiigm is representative of doing things in A Whole New Way.

Born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand – I bring my accumulative knowledge of over 10+ years of Leadership & Professional Development, 6+ Years of Personal Coaching Experience, a Degree in Psychology and a Wealth of Industry Experience to help you make the most out of our time together, all while giving you all of the tools you need to upskill in a range of areas in your life.

My work and stories have been featured in multiple news publications, and my bestselling book has helped countless people from all around the globe.

I’m also the founder of multiple online businesses, dedicated to helping people tap into their purpose, while also learning how to turn this into a viable business.

So click the link at the bottom – and let’s see how we can really take things to the next level!!