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Are you ready to experience ultimate freedom, $300K years, and a business that feels like a luxury day spa experience for your soul?

You’re in the right place.

I can’t tell you how often I talk to women who don’t know where their next client is coming from, they’re bored of back to back launches and feel burned out by their current business model.

They tell me “I can’t keep going like this. My only strategy to scale is to launch more stuff but I’m maxed out. This isn’t sustainable. Somethings gotta change, there’s gotta be another way.”

Can you relate?

If so, then The Inner Circle is what you've been searching for!

Inside this hands-on mentorship program I’ll help you go from:

Soul-opreneur to Soul Aligned CEO.

“What shall I post today?” to “OMG my marketing strategy’s WORKING!!!”

Feeling drained by your current clients, to Dream Clients in your DMs inquiring how they can pay you (even when you’re not launching) 

5 Figure Months (sometimes), to your first 300K YEAR!!


And everything in between.

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I can do this because I’ve been exactly where you are..

And I know what it really takes to create a WILDLY successful booming online business that feels like silk sheets for your soul…

Not so long ago… 


I had ZERO strategy for scaling. I was living month to month, launch to launch. We were bringing in multi 5 figure months but everytime sales would come in, I’d already spent it in my mind before it reached the bank account. I’d overinvested and felt like a duck flapping its legs so hard just to stay afloat. I was focusing on just getting through each month. I’d get a download, launch an offer, pay my expenses and have minimal left for me. My whole biz felt like a hot mess. 

On top of that I’d get major shiny object syndrome, never see a strategy through to the end and spend each day distracted by the 239391 tabs open in my mind trying to focus on every tactic that every successful entrepreneur was telling me I needed in order to grow my business. 


I was so adverse to conflict that if issues arose with a client, rather than establishing a healthy boundary, I’d let it slide and end up resentful. 


And on top of that I never said what I truly wanted to say, I preferred being the ‘nice girl’ and let my fears of public misunderstanding sabotage my mission, message and building a global brand. 


One day I became unwell. 


I said ‘enough’ and realised…

I HAD to make some changes...

Here’s what I did:

👉🏽 I changed our ENTIRE biz model. No more launch to launch. I wanted processes. A clear customer journey. An evolved product suite. 


👉🏽 I set new boundaries around my time, focus, and what I was and wasn’t available for. I communicated this with my team, clients, family and friends. 


👉🏽 I implemented new processes and automations so that my business could start to support me (not the other way around) 


👉🏽 I tidied up alllll our backend to reduce admin (for either myself or the team)


👉🏽 I stopped focusing on month to month and started looking quarter to quarter and year to year. 

👉🏽 I started to build MRR (monthly recurring revenue)


👉🏽 I tidied up finances and learned to think like a CEO (an whole new way of thinking for Entrepreneurs who are typically more creative minded and right brained) 


👉🏽 I got laser clear on WHO I work with and started speaking to IDEAL clients and saying what I REALLY wanted to say 


👉🏽 I stopped caring about being “nice” and started becoming the woman I dreamed of being. Being KIND is still a priority. Being “nice” is not.

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Here’s what happened:

✨ We now START each month on a minimum of five figures. I used to do multi 6 figure years from hustle. Now it’s just who I am, no matter what. 


✨ We get multiple dream clients in my DMs every week inquiring to work together (without promoting or launching anything new) 


✨ We sign new clients every week  


✨ We have a juicy product suite that our customers LOVE and I have so much fun coaching inside of 


✨ Our re-enrollment rate has skyrocketed. From tidying everything up (mindset energy and strategy) we have a high percentage of return clients 


✨ I feel healthier than ever, and have the time (and energy) to workout 4 – 5 x per week and move my body daily  


✨ I have more free time than ever (apart from when I was a uni student). I spend my free time creating new ideas for the business, heaps of time with my husband and our families, traveling, luxury getaways, playing hockey, working out, reading, new hobbies (last year I took up acting classes!) 


✨ We have a business model that allows for scaling without me working more. While most people focus on growing their revenue, they don’t pause and look at the bigger picture to build a biz model that fits their long term lifestyle goals. We spent over a year preparing the backend and foundations to grow without compromising joy, health or values.

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Hi, I'm Libby!

In addition to my own personal experience, I have a degree in psychology and am a shamanic practitioner, so I don’t just help you build out your strategy, we heal the root of any subconscious and energetic blocks holding you back too.


I’ve been featured in mainstream media and built a 7 figure brand (lifetime revenue) in my first 5 years in business and can show you how to get organic media attention, and increase your visibility (even with a small audience on your socials) to expand your impact, income and reach. I’ve invested over $400,000 into my own personal and professional development ($300K since being in business, I’ve been big on personal growth and education way before becoming an entrepreneur), worked with some of the top mindset and business mentors, and want to help shortcut your path to achieving your business and lifestyle goals too. 

Libby x

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The Inner Circle is a 6 or 12 month program designed to help take your business from 5 figure months, to $300k years using a powerful mixture of Strategy, Mindset & Energetics. Choose from either the Group Mastermind or the VIP 1:1 experience.

Business is a game of consistency. While you can learn what you need in 6 months, the most powerful experiences are the implementation, and constant surrounding of other like-minded women on the same journey.

While we provide you with as many of the tools we can to help you scale your business to $300k years, we cannot guarantee results. Results are dependant on a range of factors, and we will work to our absolute best to help you get to the $300k per year level.

Each Module is scheduled to be delivered over the course throughout the year along with the BONUS content and modules!!

We recommend you spend around 5 – 10 hours per week on both joining the LIVE calls, coaching sessions & workshops, as well as implementation of the strategies/practices into your own business.