CEO Masterseries
how heart-led women are making $5k+ months
in their soul aligned businesses

high level training for coaches, healers and serviced based entrepreneurs to make $5k in 30 days
In this high level training series you'll get access to:
My advanced C.E.O Method to help you sign way more clients and take your business to $5k months and beyond
The proven framework to show you exactly what to focus on based on where you're currently at, to shift into your next level
Tested tools and techniques to get clarity on your 12 month strategy and create more ease and flow in business
My unique Create, Sell, Serve Method to create flow and ease as you sign more clients and make way more money in your soul business
Libby Robertson
Libby is a multi-6 figure per year business leader, best-selling author, charitable initiative founder and successful online entrepreneur, coach and mentor helping trail-blazing women just like you create, grow and scale the business of their dreams to wildly successful heights!

Libby's teachings have helped clients from all around the globe create massive success in their field, while coaching and mentoring women at all stages of business - so whether you're just starting out, or have been in business for a while - Libby's work will help you take your business to the next level with her revolutionary concepts and advanced teaching models.

You can follow and connect with her on Instagram @parradiigm
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